Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you on your first visit and letting you get to know us. There is no charge for this initial appointment.

Prior to this appointment you will be send you an x-ray form. X-rays are taken by local Radiology practices and the patient is “bulk billed.” These x-rays assist greatly in the examining of your teeth, occlusion, facial profile and jaw structures. This information provides us with a complete understanding of your case and the necessary information to develop a treatment plan.

Your first orthodontic appointment will consist of an examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. At the end of the exam, the orthodontist will:

  • Advise whether or not orthodontic treatment is recommended
  • Determine when orthodontic treatment should begin
  • Present the possible orthodontic treatment options available
  • Formulate a definitive treatment plan to achieve, as close as possible, your goals and expectations

After the consultation appointment, if you decide to get started with treatment, orthodontic records will be arranged. The records consist of photographs of your face and teeth, x-ray tracing and detailed clinical notes. Once the records have been made, you will be given an appointment to have the braces placed. It’s that simple!